Toddler Class


Our Toddler program as with all programs at Newpark are emergent and follow the child’s lead. Our physical environment and the materials in the environment promote the natural growth and development of the 5 developmental domains represented in the Ontario Early Learning Framework – Continuum of Learning. This document is the model used in planning, implementing and evaluating our Toddler program.


At Newpark, we strongly encourage Toddlers to practice self-help skills, make appropriate choices and build their problem solving skills; all of which will help build self esteem.

The teachers at Newpark provide an unparalleled level of interaction and individual nurturing through their daily activities.

The Toddler curriculum includes:


  • Small group activities planned to develop specific skills

  • Experience that involves all the senses

  • Daily group gathering time

  • Outdoor play




Our Toddler program is staffed at a ratio of 1:5 with a group size of 15.