​Infant Room


Our Infant Program has a ratio of 1:3 with 3 educators and 10 children. The children in this program range in age from 6 wks to 18 months.

As with all our the programs at Newpark, our general program goal and commitment is to provide the children with a safe, nurturing, stimulating and fun environment, Our program does follow a routine/schedule however the schedule is adapted to meet the individual needs of the children in program.



Our program goals and plan is developed referencing How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years + the Early Learning Framework (Details here)


There are 6 guiding principles in the framework as well as 5 developmental domains in the continuum. You will see activities that are planned around these domains; however the plan may take a different direction depending on the interactions that take place when the infants explore the activity. Communication is imperative; we have a daily report that will be available for you to pick up at the end of every day. This report will provide you with basic information about your child’s day. There is a small section at the top of the report that we would like you to quickly complete at drop off, this will provide us with a quick reference of how your child’s evening and morning has been.


Our Infant program is staffed at a ratio of 1:3 with a group size of 10