“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
-O. Fred Donaldson


For young children, play is the way they learn about themselves and their world.  It is also the way they begin to master many fundamental physical, social, and intellectual skills and concepts.


  •  Play is the most important business of a child's life.

  •  Play contributes to emotional growth.

  •  Playing children learn more, are more creative and adept at problem solving, quicker to assimilate new knowledge acquired in the course of everyday life.


Children who play joyfully, grow steadily in self esteem and in their capacity for empathy. Through play, they are more curious and eager to learn. At Newpark we also offer extra programs to enhance the current curriculum in all of our programs. Read all about them below. 


YOSIC! Is a Yoga and Music Fusion that is integrated as part of our curriculum on a bi-weekly basis.  Here is how Amanda describes the experience, “Melody and movement make a great pair.  Integrating rhythmic elements of music with the mindful movement of yoga to inspire awareness and balance, children are engaged on every level.

CALMUNITY is a local company specializing in yoga, mindfulness + meditation for all. our offerings are all about building "calmunity." between breath + movement. between body + mind. between one another.  CALMUNITY Yoga is taught to our Infants, Toddlers + Preschoolers.

During the Christmas holiday season, along with many fun-filled activities done as a school and within  each classroom, we also have a very special guest come to see us!  Every year, SANTA COMES TO NEWPARK!  Each child has the opportunity to sit with Santa have their photo taken.  He asks all the good little girls and boys what they would like for Christmas and leaves a gift from Santa for each of them!